Rules and Agreement

NIAGARA FRONTIER Gun Shows – Rules and Agreement

Our rules and agreement are below, please read them before signing your application. Your signature on the application assumes compliance with these rules and acceptance of the agreement.

1. All table holders must remain until 3pm on Sunday.

2. All exhibitors MUST abide by by federal, state and local laws. NICS Checks are mandatory.

3. NO loaded or personal weapons are allowed to be worn on the show premises with the exception of on-duty police officers and NFG Show Security.

4. All tables must have covers.

5. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the premises.

6. Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

7. Exhibitors are responsible for policing their own tables. Wire ties, security cables, and display cases are recommended.

8. $20.00 fee on any and all returned checks.

9. All tables should be prepaid with a personal check, money order, or cash. If it becomes necessary to cancel a table reservation a refund may be given if the request is made 7 or more days prior to show set-up. If the cancellation is less than 7 days, payment will be “rolled ” to another show only if the tables can be resold before 9am the day of that show, if the table cannot be sold or is given as a complimentary space, the prepayment is forfeited. If NFG Shows finds it necessary to cancel or re-schedule a show, prepayments will be refunded or “rolled” at the renters request.

10. Dealing from vehicles in the parking areas is strictly prohibited.

*** AGREEMENT *** I represent that I am renting table(s) to display my own property. I will supervise my display in accordance with all Niagara Frontier Gun Shows, Inc. rules and if I cannot occupy and use the space myself, I understand that I cannot sell, rent, sublease, transfer, give or assign it or any part of it to others. Tables not claimed by 9:30 am, Saturday morning will revert back to Niagara Frontier Gun Shows for reassignment. Although, I will maintain my display each day until at least 4 pm Saturday and 3 pm Sunday. I agree to clean up my area and vacate the exhibit hall by 6 pm on Sunday. I understand that if I violate any rules, my privileges to display will be terminated. As additional consideration for the table(s) made available to me, and intending to be legally bound hereby, I expressly waive all claims of any kind including bailment against The Niagara Frontier Gun Shows, Inc., the exhibit hall, it’s agents, servants, workmen, employees, officers, or any individual, co-tenant, and/or their respective officers, members, partners, corporate affiliates, agents, subcontractors, committees and representatives for any mishap, injury, or loss occurring before, during or after the Niagara Frontier Gun Shows Show. I hereby agree to abide by all federal, state and local laws pertaining to firearms transactions. This agreement should not be construed as giving the signed table holder any partnership, joint venture, or other interest, in Niagara Frontier Gun Shows, Inc. Only the table holder set forth may pick up the exhibitor badges. Note: Show chairman has the exclusive and final decision as to table placement assignment, and as to applicable rules and regulations, and has the sole and absolute authority to assign tables to exhibitors.